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NAF Trunnball DL

Full-port, metal- or soft seated, trunnion-mounted ball valve well-suited for the most challenging operating conditions. Frequently used for isolation or
on-off applications, but equally suitable for control.
  • The NAF Trunnball DL is a full-bore trunnion-mounted ball valve, developed by Flowserve engineers with more than 80 years of experience manufacturing ball valves. The ball is supported by two large, low friction trunnion bearings for consistent low torque, even at high differen¬tial pressures. Due to its bidirectional tightness, low friction and high controllability, it is an excellent choice for isolation, on/off and modulating control applications. NAF Trunnball DL is supplied in stainless steel or carbon steel as a standard, but is also available in other materials, such as Duplex, titanium, and others.
  • The valve has a spring loaded stem seal packing that requires no maintenance and ensures safe
    operation in automated on/off and control service
  • NAF Trunnball DL has direct actuator mounting capabilities of the NAF Turnex actuator which provides a high performance, vibration resistant, compact valve package.
  • The valve is available with a wide range of options with regards to materials, seat configuration, low noise and anti-cavitation trims and other special versions.
  • DN150-900, 6″-36″, PN10-40, ANSI Class 150 & 300

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