About NAF
About NAF

Flowserve NAF

	Flowserve NAF is a leading supplier of advanced control units, actuators and valves for complete control and safe operation in Pulp and Paper, Chemical and Petro Chemical, Oil and Gas, Power and Steelworks industries throughout the world.

NAF – the innovator

NAF started its operations as long ago as 1899. In 1904 the Company delivered its first stainless steel valves to the process industry. And in 1933 we presented the first ball valve to the world, something we are very proud of.

With our unique long experience, we are today a world-leading supplier of advanced valve solutions for the Pulp and Paper Industry. We are also a supplier to other process industries, such as Chemical and Petrochemical, Oil and Gas, Power and Steel Industries, often together with other Flowserve units. Over the years, NAF has introduced several innovative solutions that meet the industry’s stringent requirements.

Since 2002, we are part of Flowserve. This gives us access to a global sales organization as well as greater access to development resources.


Flowserve Corporation is one of the world’s leading specialists in industrial flow control focusing on the process industry.

With approx. 18 000 employees in 126 companies, a turnover of USD 3.5 billion and operations in 55 countries. Flowserve and NAF have the resources and the experience required to develop and supply solutions and products that help its customers to exceed their objectives by ensuring secure and cost-efficient operations.

In parallell with our Flowserve company values; People, Safety, Integrity, Innovation, Ownership and Ecellence we also have a clear view of our Purpose:

” Together we create extraordinary flow control solutions to make the world better for everyone”.