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Flowserve NAF launches new compact ball sector control valve NAF Setball SF

Flowserve NAF announces NAF Setball SF, a compact, low torque rotary control valve with excellent flow characteristics.

LINKÖPING February 16, 2016: NAF AB, since 2002 a part of Flowserve Corporation, today announced the introduction of its new NAF Setball SF high performance ball sector valve. Designed primarily as a compact rotary control valve – its V-port ball offers excellent equal percentage flow characteristics – it can also be used as a shut-off valve, making it a highly versatile solution to a range of general services as well as erosive applications such as fibers and slurries. The NAF Setball SF features a one-piece, leak-proof wafer style body for minimized leakage paths, with a compact face-to-face dimension. This results in considerable material weight reduction and a clear price advantage.